EJ205SWAP.COM - Get swapped! Ej205swap.com - Get swapped, including engine, starting at $3500!

I'm located in New York, and I want to ej205 swap your 1999-2002 Subaru.

Typical swaps cost only $3500 and include: low mileage engine, downpipe,
catback exhaust, top mount intercooler, wire service, ecu flash, boost
gauge, boost controller, high pressure fuel pump, new plugs and plug wires
and crossmember modifcation!

I have found a new way to swap ej205 motors into
99-02 Subarus that reduces costs and decreases
time necessary to complete the swap.

Yes, it PASSES New York State plug-in OBD2 inspection!
No check engine light! Monitors ready!

I have the best pricing!
Message me NOW.

Stay tuned by keeping an eye on this website
and subscribing to my YouTube channel.


Feel free to contact me by email jon@ej205swap.com

I Hope to hear from you soon!